Hotel Policies

The Fine Details

Payment Policy

A major credit card must be presented at check-in. Cash paying and third party customers will be required to pay room and tax plus a $250 room deposit upon check in, the deposit will be returned after 7am day of departure once the room has been inspected. We do not accept checks.
To arrange payment with a third-party credit card, please call the hotel directly at least 72 hours prior to the guest's arrival to ensure all paperwork is set for the guests arrival.

EMV/Chip & PIN Credit Card Policy

Please be aware this hotel is EMV/Chip & PIN ready and your credit card’s PIN may be necessary for you to check-in to the hotel. If you are not aware of the PIN for your chip credit card, or you are unsure if your card requires a PIN, please contact the financial institution that issued your credit card for clarity and to secure your PIN.

Credit card used to make the reservation will be authorhzed for the first nights room and tax plus 15% to ensure the reservation is guaranteed this authorization will be used towards the rooms security deposit. Upon check in the card provided will be authorized for the entire stay plus 15%. If using a debit or bank issued card the authorization amounts will be held from your account and this amount will not be available for use. Authorizations are released day of departure and can take upto 15 days to release based upon your card or banks policy. The hotel will not be responsible for any over draft fees or penalties issued by your card company and highly recommend the use of a major credit card instead of a debit or bank issued card.

Pet Policy

The hotel does not accept pets, violation of this policy will result in a $300 penalty

Non-Smoking Policy

All guest rooms and public spaces are 100% non-smoking. A $250 cleaning fee will be charged to any guest who violates the smoking policy. Please contact the hotel directly with any questions.